galactic university

a division of galactic central

providing final studies ...
for the certification of all galactic personnel

and ... for the general education to all galactic citizens to becoming a certified homo sapiens ...

the principle of star peace

the meaning of life of a human > is to work out a decent way of life
realize it > live it  > guarantee it for all !

because only then .... he is a human being !

and therefore there is no meaning here on this world !
as there is no human order

because humans only want to live decently > can be > must be ....!
otherwise they will be dissatisfied >until they can live as humans !

so to achieve this > the meaning in life of each person ....
is to make just this happen

until then ... they feel like losers > indeed they are .... in reality!
only by their conceit procurement > this is represented as a success >

 departments >

> how it all started star peace

> galactic history galactic central

> galactic nation galactic nation

> galactic theology galactic religion > galactic development galactic genesis > galactic security galactic security > galactic technology galactic design > galactic society the meaning of life > galactic justice counsil galactic central

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